Pineapple Skeleton

This is the creative playground where Justin Decloux and I explore different ideas, concepts and characters. Going on strong for almost 10 years now, one of our first dates was making a sketch together! We can’t help it. WE FILMING THINGS TOGETHER!!!!

Big Chick Energy - Emily Milling Website

Big Chick Energy

In 2020, Big Chick Energy was created. And it was one of the most important things that got me through 2020! Despite the fact that we only got to perform ONE show before the world shut down, we were able to produce lots and lots of filmed sketches remotely, and we can’t wait to get back on stage eventually!

Date Kate and Venture Shark

In 2019 I was studying at Second City in Toronto. I started with the writing program after finding myself at 30 Rockerfeller Plaza in New York, hours away from premiering my first film, and realizing I needed to actually pursue my comedy dreams.

So I did it, and enrolled in writing.

Then I was scared shitless, so I enrolled in improv to be less afraid of people.

I made it all the way (halfway, thanks pandemic) to the Conservatory program. Which is just so cool. It’s the best, learning how to be a better performer, writer, and creative.

Now I have all of these super talented amazing creatives around me all the time, and they’ve been essential to me creating my two webseries Venture Shark and Date Kate (and don’t even ask how the hell it turned into webseries because I have no idea how this happened). I’m so lucky!

Comedy Demo Reel